Brenda Copeland, DDS, PA- Zoom®! Teeth Whitening

Having stains on the surfaces of your teeth can decrease your level of confidence when introducing yourself to new people, affecting your personal interactions. Dr. Brenda Copeland helps patients achieve their ideal bright smiles by offering Zoom!® Teeth Whitening from her Longview office. We provide this transformative cosmetic dental service to our patients to boost their aesthetics and raise their self-esteem. 

Benefits of Zoom! Teeth Whitening

The exterior surface of the tooth, known as the enamel, can lose its luster and become discolored due to dark-colored drinks like coffee and wine or pigmented foods such as fruit jams or jellies. Dental trauma, certain medications such as antibiotics, and tobacco use, also negatively affect the brightness of your smile. 

Our Longview practice understands it may be difficult to choose a teeth whitening option, especially with the availability of store-bought options. Zoom! is a simple and efficient solution to remove surface stains, and is more effective than over-the-counter products. A professional grade bleaching agent has more significant and long-lasting impact when brightening your smile. Even though you receive it from our dentist, you still have control over the treatment. You can adjust the duration and frequency of their take-home treatment, ensuring you achieve the results you desire. 

Obtaining a Whiter Smile 

Dr. Copeland and her team strive to address your cosmetic concerns and attain the goals you have set for you smile. Our office provides Zoom! as a take-home option so patients may brighten their teeth at the pace they wish and at their own convenience. Our Longview dentist prefers Zoom! as a whitening method, as it is a premium dental brand.

Patients who proceed with Zoom! Teeth Whitening must have impressions taken of their teeth to fabricate trays. These appliances fit the contours of a patient’s teeth to evenly distribute the bleaching agent, creating a uniform appearance. After the molds are taken and the applicators are crafted, Dr. Copeland will provide you with instructions on how to properly whiten your teeth. We pride ourselves on providing an easy to use dental service that restores the brilliance of teeth.

Eliminate Surface Stains at our Longview Practice

At Brenda Copeland, DDS, our dental team is committed to helping patients obtain the smile they desire. If you want to learn more about Zoom! Teeth Whitening, and how it will brighten your smile, call us to schedule a consultation today!


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