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Quality care is our mission at Dr. Copeland's practice, and we have delivered on that mission for 30 years. All of our patients receive the best we have to offer, which includes proven treatments and tailored dental plans to improve oral health and hygiene techniques. Our practice serves Longview and surrounding areas with general dental care to achieve beautiful, lasting smiles. 

Protecting your Dental Health and Function

Dr. Copeland delivers conservative treatments which support and protect your natural dental structure. From tooth-colored fillings to periodontal therapy, our practice offers the "bread and butter" services patients need to establish good dentition. Our dentist’s expertise also extends to cosmetic treatments, helping you acquire custom dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants.

Our patients’ first appointment to our Longview practice will involve a detailed oral examination. With a thorough inspection of your smile, Dr. Copeland can establish a working knowledge of your individual hygiene and priorities, improving the precision of her recommendations. Throughout the whole process, she listens to patient concerns and provides treatment options catered to address those needs while making every attempt to achieve oral health.

Compassionate Dental Care for All Ages

We welcome patients of all ages to visit our practice. Younger patients, adults, and seniors all receive tailored dental procedures, incorporating their age-based needs. All patients benefit from our care philosophy, which is centered on delivering gentle care to treat their dental issues comfortably. As a family practice, we give treatment to parents and their children. We stand by patients as they grow older, and provide dental care throughout their lifetime. Many of our current patients have grown up receiving dental care from this practice, and they continue to receive care to this day.

We give patients the opportunity to establish their oral health, or to rebuild a healthy dentition when smiles have accumulated significant damage. Dr. Copeland can help individuals who have neglected their at-home hygiene, or who experience chronic dental problems. Dr. Copeland cooperates with an array of specialists outside our practice who provide additional care to patients requiring more advanced treatment. 

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Patients and their families can experience total care from our practice. Dr. Copeland helps many patients throughout Longview and nearby communities achieve their best oral health. Call us for an appointment today!


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