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Brenda Copeland, DDS, PA offers dental sedation to patients in need of gentle care. Offering both nitrous and oral sedation, Dr. Copeland can help you relax and have a comfortable dental experience. Our dental team is experienced in administering sedation safely to every patient and make procedures as comfortable as possible. Patients from Longview, Hallsville, and surrounding areas can rely on our practice to provide gentle dental care. 

The Dental Sedation Process

To see if dental sedation is right for patients, we first give a thorough consultation. This includes a cross-examination of health records to ensure the patient is in good health and has no history of reactions to sedation in the past. We will only administer sedation to healthy individuals with dental anxiety, or sensitive dentition. Additionally, if patients need many hours of dental work, we may want to use sedation to help the time pass more comfortably.

Our methods of dental sedation include: 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation is commonly known as ‘laughing gas,’ and administered via face mask. This method is safe for children and requires no downtime after the procedure. Nitrous gas creates a euphoric and relaxed feeling, minimizing discomfort and allowing Dr. Copeland to easily keep the mouth open for extended procedures. When finished, we will purge gas from the lungs with 100 percent oxygen. Within a few minutes, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off, and patients are free to return to their daily lives. 

Oral (Enteral) Sedation is administered in pill form and can have a stronger effect than laughing gas. Taken an hour or so before the procedure, oral sedation will require patients to be driven to our dental office and picked up afterward. This medication leaves patients conscious so they can still understand and respond to directions from their dentist. If a patient falls asleep, they are easily awoken. Additionally, oral sedation can have an amnesic effect on patients, leaving little memory of their procedure. 

Whether patients receive oral or nitrous sedation, we keep a dental 

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